Protecting Your Home’s Landscaping During a Remodel

Building a new home or planning a major renovation is a big undertaking. Between coordinating everything with the builders and having your space turned inside out, you may have forgotten about one of your most valuable assets: your property’s landscape.

Protect your landscaping during your remodel

Too often yards are torn up in the process of a remodel. Parts of your lawn that may be at risk include trees, grass and gardens. While you plan for this big redesign of your home, make sure you also create a plan for protecting your landscape. Here are some tips to include in your plan:

Take steps beforehand to protect your trees and shrubs. Start by creating paths with fencing and signage that keep foot traffic and equipment away from your plants and plant roots. You can also use layers of wood chips to prevent plant and tree roots from suffocating due to soil compaction.

Although rain is inevitable, it doesn’t mean mud has to be a part of your remodel. After a large rain during the remodel, cover the paths that your contractor may be using outside, with tarps or any alternatives. This will ensure that, one, you don’t get mud in the house, and two, your yard won’t become slippery. Grass can definitely be resilient, but under harsh conditions, it dies easily. If your remodel calls for a dumpster, make sure the grass is either covered prior to delivery or the dumpster is placed in the driveway. Without oxygen or sunlight, you’ll be left with a large dead grass spot after construction is over. You’ll have a beautiful home interior but it’s possible the exterior will be left with a sore spot.

You’ve worked hard to have such a pretty garden, make sure if doesn’t get hurt when you’re not watching it. Although a remodel is meant to make your house pretty, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any mistakes made outdoors. Put a barrier around your precious garden, whether it be with hay bails, caution tape or that orange temporary construction fencing. It may be unsightly during the remodel but it will ensure a beautiful interior and exterior after all the hard work is done.

Consult a professional if you need help with preserving and protecting mature trees. A certified arborist or a landscape architect can assist with surveying tree health, measuring trunk sizes and creating a tree protection plan for your trees during construction. A professional consultant is especially helpful if you have an expansive property, a mix of many tree species or a large number of mature trees. With the right planning, your trees will make it through the construction and continue to thrive.

A beautiful home interior design is best complemented by a beautiful landscape. Protect your yard and protect the integrity of your home.

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