Frequently Asked Questions of Thomas Custom Builders

Is Thomas Custom Builders licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a class A statewide contractor, the highest and most difficult to obtain license. We are also fully insured well beyond State minimums, with a $2,000,000 umbrella.

Does TCB hire workers off of the street?

No, our entire workforce is Thomas Custom Builders (TCB) employees. We never pick up “day labor” to work at our clients Homes.

What work is done by your employees?

We generally perform all demolition, carpentry and cleanup with our own workforce. We also fully supervise and monitor the project with our workers. We do not rely on others to maintain our high standards.

Do we need to be home while the job is in progress?

No. While any type of work or inspection is going on, we have one of our employees on site to supervise and accommodate the continued quality and progress of your enhancements.

Does TCB put the trade work, like electrical and plumbing, out for bid?

Rarely, as we have established relationships with stable and quality service-minded specialty subcontractors that we work with on an ongoing basis. They understand our high expectations already and are ready to provide superior service.

Do we need to get the permits and the drawings for our project?

TCB will provide all design services required by code officials as well as all design through our associate professional architects and designers. We will procure all necessary permits in your home’s jurisdiction.

Will we be involved in the design, and with whatever products are utilized in our improvements?

Yes, and you should realize that in the beginning stages of planning, we rely a great deal on your choices. In other words, you will be doing a lot of shopping and choosing!

How do we pay for our improvements?

We will set up a schedule of payments in increments that reflect the progress of the project. We do not require large percentages of payment in the beginning and we will hold off on collecting a small percentage for a final payment based upon successful completion of the project, and final inspections by the code officials.

Does TCB offer a builder’s guarantee or home remodeling warranty?

Yes. We warranty all of our work for at least a year from completion. We strongly stand behind all of our work! Our suppliers and manufacturers also warrant their products.

Who buys all the different items needed for the job?

Whoever can get the best value will buy. We generally purchase the majority of items, while you will sometimes purchase some. The choice is always yours.

When do I pick the paint colors?

We will let you know the order and sequence for your job as well as when we need your choices. You will have plenty of notice.

Can we have our favorite painter do that part of our project?

Yes, we will accommodate the use of any contractors with which you have an existing relationship. We will schedule them in at the appropriate times within the overall job schedule.

Can I have my uncle, the electrician, do the electrical work?

We are not closed to that option as many other Contractors are. We will work with you in any reasonable way that promotes your satisfaction as well as saves overall costs on the job.

Do we have a say on where the lights, plugs and switches go?

Yes, we look at these items during the design phase and again when they are placed. A review and walk through is done with our field supervisor.