Attic Room Additions

To Incorporate Valuable Space

Do you have an unfinished attic, and need more space in your home? An attic room addition might be an ideal enhancement to your home. Whether you envision your top floor as a secluded master suite, a functional home office, or a teen hangout, Thomas Custom Builders is here to help.

Why Add an Attic Room Addition?

Adding an attic room addition can improve your home’s resale value. An attic addition will also give you more valuable living space in your home, and it can be used as a bedroom, office, guest room, play room, and more. In addition, an attic addition might be more ideal for you than any other type of room addition to your home because it uses an already existing space in your home, rather than adding an entirely new structure such as a pop-out addition or a second story addition.

Factors to Consider While Planning Your Attic Room Addition:

  • First, make sure that your attic is structurally sound enough to support a living space. Thomas Custom Builders will be happy to inspect your attic and let you know whether or not an attic room addition is possible.
  • Consider what type of room shape you are interested in: a room that you will use for a bedroom would be shaped differently from a room for home theatre use, for example.
  • If you are presently using your attic for storage, consider what kind of storage solutions you might use once your attic is transformed into an attic room addition. You might consider using the space behind the newly installed walls for storage.
  • Consider electrical outlets and/or plumbing access that you would like the new room to have.

These are just some examples of items to consider when planning an attic room addition. Thomas Custom Builders will handle the planning and building process from all angles. We will work with you to create a room that you will love and that will work for your lifestyle and budget, while also making sure that your attic room addition complies with local building codes in your neighborhood.

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