Top Interior Design Trends You Will be Seeing in 2024

Welcome to the forefront of interior design as we dive into the world of trends shaping the look and feel of homes in 2024. Whether you’re planning a major overhaul or just seeking inspiration for a room refresh, this guide will walk you through the top interior design trends that are set to make waves this year.

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1. Spa-Like Bathrooms 

 In 2024, the emphasis is on transforming bathrooms into tranquil sanctuaries, focusing on serene atmospheres, soothing colors, natural materials, and luxurious amenities to elevate daily routines. Creating a bathroom oasis is a top priority for both new constructions and renovations, with enhanced bathrooms resembling spa amenities expected to trend in 2024. Homeowners are increasingly incorporating accessible features such as steam showers, infrared saunas, and cold plunges. Additionally, the trend involves incorporating gentle spa-like lighting, including backlit mirrors and integrated ceiling lighting. See an example of one of TCB spa-like bathroom renovations here

2. Nature-Inspired Interiors

Nature-inspired aesthetics take center stage as designers, homeowners, and businesses increasingly lean towards incorporating the essence of the outdoors into interior spaces. This trend embraces lush greenery, earthy color palettes, eco-friendly materials, and the creation of a soothing atmosphere. 

3. Bold and Vibrant 

Say goodbye to minimalism as 2024 embraces the bold and vibrant. Maximalism takes center stage, encouraging a riot of colors, patterns, and textures. Unleash your creativity and make a statement with a home that is unapologetically unique and full of life.

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4. Unique Tiles

Tiles emerge as powerful storytellers, extending their influence from walls to floors with captivating expressions. The trend leans towards oversized, large-scale tiles that not only exude visual appeal but also boast a high tactile quality, inviting touch and exploration. Expect to witness the infusion of dramatic patterns, innovative compositions, and unexpected layouts, introducing a sense of grandeur and injecting spaces with distinctive personalities. In this era of design evolution, flooring and wall tiles transcend their conventional roles to become stunning focal points, rivaling the impact of a typical feature wall. 









5. Unique and Organic-Shaped Mirrors

Embrace the latest trend in home décor as mirrors take center stage with their organic, irregular shapes and oversized dimensions, making a bold and impactful statement in any room. Beyond mere reflections, these mirrors contribute to the ambiance by introducing depth, intrigue, and a touch of glamor. Their unique forms not only catch the eye but also serve as dynamic focal points, instantly enhancing the visual appeal of the space. Notably, the versatility of these mirrors extends to their ability to create an illusion of larger and more inviting interiors. As one of the effortlessly chic trends of 2024, incorporating these statement mirrors into your interior is a seamless and effective way to stay on-trend while elevating the aesthetic allure of your living spaces.

6. Handcrafted Homage

Celebrate craftsmanship with handcrafted pieces that pay homage to artisanal traditions. From furniture to decor, infuse your home with unique items that tell a story of skilled hands and individuality. Support artisans and add a touch of elegance to your living spaces.

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7. Making the ‘Mud-Laundry Room’ Combo

Highlighted in Houzz’s 2024 home trend report is the growing popularity of “mud-laundry rooms” as a project for the upcoming year. These rooms blend the functionalities of a mudroom and a laundry room, efficiently serving dual purposes within the same square footage. The trend encourages the seamless integration of these utility spaces, where functionality meets aesthetics. This approach allows you to combine practicality with style, creating an organized yet stylish zone that maximizes the potential of your home’s layout.

8. Fluted Detailed Wood

Fluted wood is set to adorn various elements, including cabinets, vanities, kitchen islands, and nightstands. According to Houzz’s report, fluted details are identified as a significant rising trend. Designer Steven Santosuosso, the co-founder of Squarehouse Studios, highlights the advantages of incorporating fluted panels into a room. He notes that utilizing fluted faux panels offers a splendid method to introduce texture and dimension without the need to alter materials. Additionally, Santosuosso mentions a secondary benefit where the shapes contribute to sound diffusion.

The ripple effect won’t be limited to wood alone; there’s an anticipation of seeing an influx of fluted marble and fluted tile in the coming year. This approach presents an excellent opportunity to infuse visual exuberance into both solid and marbled surfaces, expanding the creative possibilities for interior design enthusiasts.


As you embark on your design journey in 2024, let these trends inspire and guide you. Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of spa-like bathrooms or the boldness of maximalism, make this year a testament to your unique style. The top interior design trends of 2024 invite you to explore, experiment, and create a home that not only looks good but also feels like an extension of your personality. Happy designing!

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