Second Floor Additions

To add another level of living

Need more space for your family without increasing your homes’ overall footprint? Adding either a partial or full second story may be the solution. You aren’t just increasing living space; you are opening up renovation options and getting the home of your dreams. As a design-build firm, Thomas Custom Builders has years of experience building second floor additions.

Benefits of Adding a Second Story

There are many reasons to consider adding a second story to your home. Beyond the benefit of having extra space, expanding your home vertically may make better use of space rather than expanding outward – especially if your lot is small. You can enjoy more space and still take advantage of your yard for gardening and outdoor living, and still have distance from your neighbors. It’s also a great way to make more room for a family. 

Probably one of the greatest benefits of adding a second story is not having to move to gain more living space.. If you live in a neighborhood that you like, it’s convenient for commuting, there’s a good school system for the kids, or any number of reasons, this is a great option. Already living in a convenient location is one of the best reasons to do a second floor addition.

Factors to Consider When Going Up Not Out

When considering a second story addition, the main question to ask is if a second story addition or a first floor room addition is a better choice. The main reason to go with a second story home addition is if you do not have enough land around your home to provide enough space for a first floor room addition. Being aware of local zoning laws and local building codes that may impact building a second story addition is critical.

Building a second story addition can be more risky, costly, and inconvenient than building a first floor room addition. Your roof may need to be completely or partially removed from your home during the building process, which leaves your home exposed to the weather and elements. Also, you may need to find a temporary place to live while construction is completed, depending on the circumstances. Thomas Custom Builders takes great care in minimizing any inconvenience to our clients during the building process, and we work with our clients to develop a structured plan and timeline that allows them to properly prepare their home and living situation prior to the start of any work on a second story home addition.

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