Room Above Garage Additions

To increase your options 

Adding a room above the garage is a smart choice for homeowners who have a garage that can support it and need the extra space. Thomas Custom Builders is the design-build firm you can trust to build your room addition above the garage.

Creating Bonus Space

If you have a garage that is attached to your home that includes vaulted ceilings and has a large amount of space between the garage roof rafters and ceiling joists, your home may be the perfect candidate to add a room addition above the garage. It will also give you more valuable living space in your home, and it can be used as a bedroom, office, guest room, an in-law apartment, and more. While there are many different decisions to make if you are thinking about building a room addition above your garage, do not feel overwhelmed. We are here to help you in your decision making process and will use our years of experience to provide knowledge to help you make your decisions.

What to Consider While Planning Your Room Above Garage Addition

  • Consider the possible location of the entrance into your new above garage room addition. For the best resale value, the entrance should be from the main house, and not from a stairwell from the garage below.
  • Some garage ceiling joists are not built to support the weight of an entire room above them. You may need to replace the existing joists, or add additional joists to strengthen the already existing ones.
  • If you want to include a kitchen area or bathroom in the room, take inventory of existing plumbing locations, and where you might be able to add plumbing.

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Thomas Custom Builders will work alongside you to design and build an above-garage addition that you will enjoy for work, play, or sleep. Contact Us today to expand your living space.