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At Thomas Custom Builders, we focus not on doing more, but on doing better. Our high standards and principles are why our clients are among the most-satisfied in the industry. They appreciate the attention they get from the entire Thomas Custom Builders team. They come back time and again because they love working with us. Most of all, they appreciate the timeless craftsmanship that results from our work. We encourage you to read just a few of the dozens of testimonials we receive from satisfied clients...

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A few words of praise, now that everything is all done.

First, Brian. We requested he be the lead on our project, even if we had to wait, and we are 100% happy with him and his work on our kitchen. We were happy with him and Kenny when we hired you to renovate our bathrooms six years ago, and it was a more mature, more confident Brian who showed up for the kitchen renovation. We noticed it right away.

Brian is extremely conscientious and hardworking, and has the knowledge, experience, and skills to do the work. He also takes great pride in every detail of that work (including the spacing/centering of light fixtures, which you all know I am a bit precise about). He was attentive and responsive to all our requests, kept us informed every step of the renovation, and addressed all our concerns with the Thomas Custom Builder’s attitude of total customer satisfaction—some times reassuring us that all was as it should be, others validating that something was not right. We were impressed with his taking the time to talk with the County inspector to learn how to calculate wiring in a junction box, so he could learn how to do so for future projects—one example of the pride he takes in doing a job right.

He also did a great job supervising and coordinating the trades. You gave us a six week estimate, and I think we ran eight, one week delay due to scheduling the Wolf appliance installer, the second for the electrical/make-up air re-inspection. That’s excellent, as far as we’re concerned. 

Second, a brief shout-out to Cole. We really appreciated his thorough and knowledgeable responses to our email before the renovation began, addressing our questions and thoughts regarding the process and our selections. His honest and detailed input on our cabinet selection, in particular, helped guide our final decisions, all of which we are totally happy with.

Great working with you and Dave again too—which you already know!

Centreville, VA


Emma and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us realize our dream for our updated kitchen. 

We cannot be happier with the end result and the hard work that went into the final product. From all the members of your staff to all of your sub-contractors (minus the dry waller - but David knows that...), the products and workmanship we recieved were top-notched. We specifically want to commend Jose,  Clint, and Anthony for their tireless work and professionalism. They were always helpful in addressing any questions or concerns that we had throughout the renovation.  

If we had one complaint, we would recommend better communication with regard to the draw schedules and invoice receipt. We paid the first draw at the outset of the project, then went several weeks before another draw was requested. Then towards the end of the project Jose asked for a check, then we ran in to confusion with Jacquelyn over what was due. In the grand scheme of things, this was a minor issue and we were able to work through it. 

Once again, thank you and your team for all your efforts. We would (and will) highly recommend Thomas Custom Builders to any of our friends and neighbors. 

Fairfax, VA

I never submit reviews online, but my family had such a great experience with Thomas Custom Builders that I wanted to share it. We restructured and remodeled our master bath, guest bath, and bedroom, and love the results. Initially I was concerned about price, but over the course of the project I realized how much value we were getting. The design and outcome itself is excellent, but the experience working together was as noteworthy. Rick, Dave, and team put us in touch with an excellent network of designers and suppliers that made a huge difference in designing our ideal remodel within our budget, and that worked well together to stay on schedule and put as little work on us as possible. The onsite team was a pleasure to work with and completely responsive to any questions or requests, and they worked seamlessly with the electrician, tile, and plumber. Even their front office invoicing contact was invaluable in guiding us through the project with recommendations and clear expectations. I'd recommend this team to anyone.

Alexandria, VA

home remodeling project completed by tcb in fairfax, va


We would like to thank you - the work you and your crew did at our house made our entire home seem brand new, inside and out. Thanks… we LOVE our new kitchen, windows, shower, roof, eaves, gutters… AND our new deck and gazebo! Thank you so much.

Dan & Ellen
Fairfax, VA

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It’s difficult to know where to begin because I simply could not have been more impressed with every aspect of how this project came together. Not just the obvious stuff, like the strictly top shelf skills, craftsmanship and attention to detail demonstrated by the crews, but the courtesy and professionalism from literally every member of Thomas Custom Builders that interacted with me or my family...  [read the full review here]

Fairfax, VA

Thomas Custom Builders provides everything I've been looking for in a contractor: quality workmanship, professionalism, design, and customer service. Rarely are all those qualities present in a single contractor but TCB has them all and more! They have done two major renovations for me and their work was exceptional. From the scope, through design, to the work itself, someone from TCB was always there to address my concerns, ideas, and the changes/challenges always present in any job. One of the most unique things about them is that their on-site folks have a "design eye" and can often provide a suggestion that makes a particular aspect of the job better, more functional, or even in many cases less expensive. Integrity is their hallmark and they stand behind all their work.

Arlington, VA

I would like to thank you for the outstanding work that you did in raising our garage ceiling and then adding an additional bedroom and bathroom this Spring. I am a perfectionist and pretty skilled at home improvements, so honestly I was doubtful that I would find a contractor who could really make me happy. But as the project progressed, I discovered that I had found the perfect contractor. I was always impressed at Dave's attention to detail and willingness to come back and make small corrections. The quality and service was first class.

Manassas, VA

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From the beginning conceptual design to finished product, it felt more like a partnership than an owner-contractor relationship.

Fairfax City, VA

Other than the purchase of our home, the addition to our house was the largest expenditure we have ever made. Because of this large investment, we were very critical of the contractor that we chose to complete the project. The decision of which contract to choose was not something we took lightly. After meeting with several contractors and seeking numerous recommendations, we chose Thomas Custom Builders. The experience of completing this project and the final product far exceeded our expectations.

It was evident throughout the project that you both have many years of experience and are true craftsmen. We have heard many horror stories about contractors and problems homeowners have had with them during their project. We never had those experiences. You always talked with us about the progress of the project, next steps/phases, and projected timeframes for completing those steps/phases. You always stressed how important it was to complete the project within budget while still maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and you performed as promised. Again, honesty was always paramount for you both and that was very much appreciated.

We always got the impression from the crew that they treated our project as if they were working on their own house and not a corner was cut or a detail was missed.

Oak Hill, VA

As you know, we took our time talking to quite a few builders and were very careful. We wanted to be comfortable with both the professionalism and trustworthiness of our choice. You and your crew proved that we chose well.

Rick, I want to say that I deeply appreciate the professionalism and expertise of Rob and David in particular. They were a pleasure to work with and were always willing to answer any questions that I had. I also very much appreciate how careful they were whenever they entered the main part of the house as well as cleaning up the work area inside the room each day so that not only was it left neat and orderly but safe as well.

Centreville, VA

There were days when the workers were in the house with our two children for a short while before we were able to get home from work. We never felt uncomfortable with this situation, and if you have children, you probably know that this is the highest praise a parent can give: you can trust them with your kids.

This is not to say that life was perfect during the renovation. It never will be, no matter whom you choose to do your work. There will be dust and noise and you may have to cook in a microwave far longer than you think you can. But in the end, Rick and Dave will do a damn fine job for you! We are extremely pleased with the quality of their work, their integrity and their professionalism. On top of that, they are just nice guys! Our addition turned out beautiful and we would use them again for future work. We would also recommend them to anyone looking for a quality contractor. You will not go wrong with Thomas Custom Builders.

Fairfax, VA

I also want to mention the team's ability to understand the over-all project scope and to work towards that end. Specifically, my wife and I are both very, very busy and often didn't have time to quickly return phone calls or to be on-site to discuss elements of the project. Dave (the supervisor on the project and a principle at TCB) understood this and was able to guide the team even when we weren't able to give input. The end result was an addition that actually exceeded what my wife and I had originally envisioned. The shelves, counters, electric outlet placement etc. are so ideal that all I can say is that they completely understood our needs, maybe even better than we did.

Arlington, VA

[They were] always on-time and they kept the house clean after each day's work. We felt so confident and comfortable that we would leave them in our home while we were out. The craftsmanship is beautiful and I get so many compliments from all of my family and friends. We hope to one day build our screened-in porch and look forward to working with you again.

Oakton, VA

You are extremely knowledgeable, incredibly hard working and dependable. You and your team showed up every day and did not stop until the job was completed. Finding someone that you could trust to be in your home when you are not there is unheard of in this day and age and I never once doubted our trust.

Oakton, VA

There were several issues that arose during the re-construction project. He met all with a concrete ability to solve the problem while still maintaining cost schedule and performance.

From his personal touch during the design phase, though the construction 'mess' (which by the way was cleaned daily!) to the final cosmetic touches he made our project special.

The result of the effort was and is beyond our wildest expectations.

Chris & Debbie

We are thrilled with the end result and have enjoyed our new space more than we could have imagined. The combined creativity of your Architect and your team allowed us to turn our dream into a reality of adding a new space which includes three levels to encompass a new basement, kitchen/family room, and master suite.

Alexandria, VA

Thomas Custom Builders were first recommended to us by a neighbor  ~ what  caught my attention was when they talked about how clean the job site was left at the end of every day, which was important to us since we were living in home during some extensive renovations. We have used Thomas Custom Builders twice, the first time was a little over 5 years ago when they opened up our living space creating a new kitchen, open living room and dining room. They also built a custom design screened porch, replace siding and roof, and redesigned our front entrance. We were impressed the first time with their responsiveness, cleanliness and their skill. When we decided to complete work in our basement and have some outdoor work done we didn't even consider anyone else. They again were wonderful and responsive, making sure that we were satisfied with the work done. They have responded quickly and cheerfully to any concerns we have had. We have recommended them to several friends and family members. Thomas Custom Builders have done similar renovations at both of my brother's homes within the past 18 months and have redone a good friend's kitchen a number of years ago, all are very satisfied.  The quality of their work is outstanding and has held up well over time. I still LOVE my open concept main living area and the screened porch. People still exclaim when the first enter my home, it is that awesome. Thomas Custom Builders took my vision and made it so much better, suggesting ideas that I would never have thought of and nixing ideas that were not practical but always explaining why I might want to think of something different. Rick Thomas is easy to work with, quickly returns calls and emails and Dave Holmes oversees the actual work brilliantly.

Fairfax, VA

Rick and his team were exceptional to work with from the initial design and concept through final delivery. We were thrilled with his attention to detail and the value that we got for our money. We will definitely consider Rick's team for subsequent work on our home.

McLean, VA

The project went very smoothly.  The work began on what was literally the coldest day of the year and proceeded through some cold months.  It required them to remove the ceiling and roof over the family room, but they put up the deck for the second floor in just a couple of days and tarped every night until the project was under roof.  Also because they walled off the kitchen, I was able to use it throughout the project and it was never uncomfortably cold.  The two things I most appreciated about the service were, first, from the start till the finish, with the exception of two snow days, the crew was present and working every week day, allowing the project to be completed in less time than estimated.  Second, it was very important to the smooth progress of the work that for the majority of the time, the same foreman was on the job, and when he was switched out, another one stayed till near the finish.  That kind of continuity keeps the consumer from having to explain things over and over and provides consistency so new workers don't constantly have to guess what they should be doing.  Although I only met a couple of the workers, they were nice guys, and the neighbors on both sides told me that their few interactions with them were always courteous and pleasant.  The end result of the job was as promised and looks good, inside and out.  Both owners were always very responsive, whether about the work or the bill, as was their office manager.  Continuing to live in the house during the work is (let's face it) a pain, but Thomas Custom Builders made it about as painless as it could be.  In fact, two neighbors were having additions put on at the same time as mine.  Both started earlier but finished later, and both told me they had a lot of heartache while their projects were going on.  That kind of drama, thankfully, was absent from my dealings with TCB.  I would certainly recommend them to others, and have done so.

Alexandria VA

Our entire experience with Thomas Custom Builders was wonderful from start to finish. Rick walked us through every step from our first meeting, and was always a help with the many questions we had. After years of hearing nightmares about contractors & home renovations, I am so glad that we found Thomas Custom Builders. They were finished within the timeline quoted, with no hidden expenses added to our project. The quality of the work was superb. We are constantly receiving compliments on the work done. We look forward to working with TCB again on any other home improvement projects in the future.

Fairfax VA

Work was conducted on time and as expected. I would recommend Thomas Custom Builders. The quality of work was excellent. I appreciate the insight the company provided during the time of designing.

Nokesville, VA