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Family- Style Holidays Benefit from In-Law Suite Addition – You Benefit from Multiple Uses

benefit of In Law Suite Addition

Your home addition just might be the ticket to a stress-free holiday season. When the in-laws come for the holidays, don’t displace family members from their bedrooms or assign people to couches.  The in-law suite addition can make at least…  
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Making the Great Room Remodel Rewarding

make your room remodeling more rewarding for you

Great rooms are becoming even greater – in both size and experience. The vast space of open floor plans is now usurping almost the entire first floor. Great rooms are even expanding to include access to outdoor spaces and garden…  
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Most Valuable Home Improvements Depend on the Meaning of Value

home improvement values

People who want to remodel their homes but are not sure where to start often ask, “What are the most valuable home improvements we could make?”  or, “What will give us the best return on our investment?”  Our answer:  that…  
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Behind the Blueprint: Five Things to Plan in the Design Phase


The design phase of your custom remodeling project is even more important than the building phase. It is the planning that sets the tone for the entire project. It’s not just the drawing of the remodeled kitchen or bathroom that…  
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10 Qualities of a Quality Custom Remodeler

custom remodeler qualities

There are certain things that put a custom remodeler at the top of the “most wanted” list by clients.  The attributes of quality remodelers are what make clients call them back for every remodeling project and recommend them to all…  
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Use Your Remodeling Power Wisely – Pay Attention to the Electrical Plan

When you undertake a whole-house remodeling project, you expect your remodeler to provide the basic electrical needs. You expect the blueprints of the new space to have the required number of electrical outlets according to both national and local electrical…  
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Going Up — The Second Story Remodel

second story addition

Home additions can go many directions – up, down and sideways. Downstairs additions usually mean basements. Sideways expansions are the most common, provided your property allows for an addition. If it doesn’t, you may want to consider building up. A…  
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High-end Luxury Bath Remodeling

luxury bathroom remodeling

Whether your bathroom is big or small, it can still be big on luxuries. From master bath to basement bath, and anything in between, you can add amenities that make your remodeled bathroom seem just a little grander than the…  
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Turning a Nightmare into a Future Dream Home: Living Through Your Home Improvement Project

home improvement preparation

“Forewarned is Forearmed,” we like to say.  We admit it.  A home improvement project like a kitchen remodel, family room addition or bathroom renovation is no picnic. A whole-house remodel is even more terrifying. But you can turn these legendary…  
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Preparing for Your Remodel: What to Do Before the Remodeler Arrives

things to do before home remodling

So, you’ve scheduled your remodeling project and the date is approaching quickly. While there may be a sense of mounting excitement, homeowners often have a sense of real dread in the days leading up to the job’s start. It’s possible…  
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