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Over the Hill – Downsizing at the Precipice

downsizing your home

8 Reasons Why You Should Do It It may seem too early to be downsizing your home when you’re in your 50s and 60s, but if you’re in this age group and are becoming “empty nesters,” the time is right….  
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Kissin’ the Blarney Stone – “Lucky 7”

2016 bathroom addition alternate view

Innovative Uses for Stone You may never have experienced the real “kissin’ of the Blarney Stone” in Ireland, and the prevalence of leprechaun images just puckering up and leaning over to plant one on the stone has given you an…  
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Fast Financier – How a builder impacts your construction loan

home remodeling project

Custom building your own home is the best way to get your dream house. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned home owner, when you’re ready to build something of your very own, the key is planning. There are…  
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Spring Break Window Watching – Florida Right at Home

beautiful morning sun room addition to existing kitchen

The calendar says Spring break, but Mother Nature seems to have something else in store for us.  Despite the chilly rain and snow that blew in to northern Virginia this year with the onset of Spring, you can have Spring…  
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Keeping Up with the Joneses – 8 Things That Matter in Your Kitchen Remodel

8 things that matters in kitchen remodeling

Everybody wants to show off a new remodeling project – especially in their kitchens. They didn’t just sink thousands of dollars into a kitchen sink to make it more efficient to use – no, they definitely want to have bragging…  
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11 Reasons to Do That Home Addition This Year

home addition northern virginia

Have you been putting off your dream of adding on to your home? Do you constantly think about how that new space could work wonders for making daily tasks more efficient?  Here are a few reasons to get moving on…  
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Vain About Vanities – Choosing the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel

choosing right vanity remodeler

Vanities come in all shapes and sizes. They reflect the décor of the home, as well as a little of the homeowner’s personality. Whether it’s your master bathroom suite that you want to use as a respite from a busy…  
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5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Custom Builder

5 things to ask your custom home remodeler

Chances are, you’ll have lots of questions for your custom builder – from the size of the master bathroom to what type of flooring he recommends in the laundry room. Before you even hire a builder for your custom remodeling…  
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Family- Style Holidays Benefit from In-Law Suite Addition – You Benefit from Multiple Uses

benefit of In Law Suite Addition

Your home addition just might be the ticket to a stress-free holiday season. When the in-laws come for the holidays, don’t displace family members from their bedrooms or assign people to couches.  The in-law suite addition can make at least…  
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Making the Great Room Remodel Rewarding

make your room remodeling more rewarding for you

Great rooms are becoming even greater – in both size and experience. The vast space of open floor plans is now usurping almost the entire first floor. Great rooms are even expanding to include access to outdoor spaces and garden…  
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