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Countertop Debate: Natural vs. Manmade

The centerpiece of a kitchen or bath remodel is usually the countertop. They are a major focal point for anyone coming into your home, and they can change the look of any room. But the choices seem endless.  From natural…  
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Design and Build Defined

Design and build defined

What is the true meaning of a “design and build” contractor? Many residential and custom builders will say they are “design and build.” Does this mean they’re full-service – everything under one roof, so to speak? Or does it mean…  
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Value Engineering Defined

The concept of value engineering may be new to you, but for any company that prides itself on customer service and stands behind its product, value engineering is a household word. It’s sewn into the fabric of the company. Value…  
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Hiring the Right Contractor – Why Photographs Matter

The first thing you think of when hiring someone new is their reputation, right? If you like a friend’s new haircut, you ask who cut it. If you like your neighbor’s remodeled bathroom, you ask who built it. It’s likely…  
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The Latest in Bathroom Design – Luxury is Key

hire bathroom remodeling contractor

While master bathrooms serve a very practical purpose, they are also a haven for us as we awaken for the day or wind down each night. With the right planning, you can make your bathroom one of the most relaxing…  
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Looking at Your Kitchen from a New Angle


Since the mid 1900’s, the work triangle has dictated kitchen design. The National Kitchen and Bath Association defines the “work triangle” as “an imaginary straight line drawn from the center of the sink to the center of the cooktop, to…  
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Don’t Leave Beauty at the Curb: How Adding Curb Appeal Adds Value to Your Home

outdoor remodeling

Selling a house is a lot like applying for a job. First impressions are essential, so you want to put your best foot forward. When hiring, potential employers are often overwhelmed with resumes that all look basically the same. It’s…  
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Websites Worth a Thousand Words – How a Builder’s Marketing Reflect his True Character

evaluating your custom home remodeler

If you’re unfamiliar with a company, what’s the first thing you do to learn more? Google it or visit the company’s website, right? Websites are especially useful tools in the custom-building market, because they can showcase the builder’s work and…  
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Let’s Take It Outside – Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Hauser & Rowland Stanrich 156

Outdoor living is becoming more popular. Many homeowners are putting on home additions that are intentionally incorporating the outdoors as part of the room. Not only do these homes have the traditional patios and decks, but they also add another…  
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Water, Water Everywhere

tips to save water bill

Drip, drip, drip. That little noise can become a big annoyance – and it can even be a sign of things to come. Don’t take a leak sitting down! Find out where it’s coming from in your home. Check faucets,…  
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