In-Law Suite Additions

To expand your lifestyle

When household situations change you may need space to accommodate family members moving back in. We can build an addition onto your home to comfortably fit your needs. Whether you taking care of aging parents or have adult children coming back in, we can customize a space specifically for the needs of additional family members under your roof.

Define Priorities and Make Plans

Designing and building additions is our specialty. We can assist you with your in-law suite addition ideas, floor plans and associated costs. We will review the existing layout of the home to determine how and where to situate the modifications. With the end result of minimal disruption while keeping the best architectural elements of the home. 

Considerations While Planning Your In-Law Suite Addition

  • Where do you want your in-law to be located? Generally, they are located where they can provide privacy from the main home with their own entrance.
  • How large do you want your new addition to be? A separate bathroom and adequate storage in the bedroom sitting area are essential. Do you need a full kitchen? Separate washer- dryer?
  • Who will use the new space? Do you need to incorporate universal design principles? These designs can include no-slip flooring, considerations for height and reach-ability, wider doorways, grab bars, and handrails. 

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Thomas Custom Builders can help you build an in-law suite to accommodate your family's needs.  Contact Us today to start the design.