Seven Reasons People Choose Thomas Custom Builders

1. Unmatched Quality Workmanship At Every Phase

The Thomas Custom Builders name is synonymous with spectacular workmanship from start to finish. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t settle. There’s no compromising with Richard Thomas and Dave Holmes.

2. Onsite, DAILY Personal Supervision

David Holmes is incredibly demanding of our work crews. There is no room for second rate work. Our own expert is always onsite, every working day of the job, keeping it moving at a steady pace while maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship.

3. Rock-Solid and Stable Finances

We wouldn’t have survived in the home remodeling business without a stable financial foundation. You can be confident that we will be around to stand behind or workmanship far into the future.

4. Single Contact Communication

One of the most common compliments we get (and we don’t want to sound like we’re boasting here, but we receive a lot of them) is that we’re excellent communicators.  If you have had some home remodeling done before (or even if you haven’t), then you should know that homeowners are often left with a list of numbers of people to call when they have questions. Or, homeowners are left wondering, “What’s next? What happened on my job this week? When will the job be done?”

You don’t have that problem with Thomas Custom Builders. With a single call you can always reach the owner, and we will personally handle any question you might have. We also provide regular updates by email or phone from our team about the status of your job. After all, it’s your home, and you deserve to know what we’re doing with every minute of every day on your job.

5. Full Two Year Warranty On Craftsmanship

Most jobs look good when they’re first completed, even if the handyman used inferior materials and techniques. Time is the enemy of poor workmanship. Thomas Custom Builders offers a full two-year warranty on our craftsmanship. That’s simply something sub-standard crews can’t afford to match.

6. When We Start, We Work Until It’s Done (No Drawn-Out Deadlines or Surprises)

We know what it takes to get your job done right the first time, including hiring the right labor and ordering the right materials. We also accurately assess the amount of time each project will take, and we communicate the timeline to everyone on the job. When we start, we stay on the job, according to schedule, until it’s finished. Period.

7. Blend New With Existing Structure – and Make It Look Good!

Nobody wants to see the line of demarcation where the new home addition begins. We pride ourselves on seamless design that makes home additions or kitchen and bath updates look natural.

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