Kitchen Remodeling Still Tops

Kitchen remodeling is still the most popular renovation for homeowners, according to the latest Houzz survey of U.S. remodeling and custom renovation in 2014, but it can also be the most costly. People are remodeling their kitchens for all sorts of reasons:

Outdated – Many older homes have kitchens that are simply old-fashioned. They are closed in, have little counter space or are just retro from the 1960’s.

New luxuries – Today’s kitchens offer features that used to be luxuries but are now necessities. Built-in grills, center islands and clever storage solutions are all features that today’s busy families both want and need.

Lack of space – Today’s kitchens are open and welcoming. They are the central gathering space for families and guests. Older kitchens are closed-in or tucked away from the entertaining area, isolating the cook. Today, the cook wants help!

Technology – So much more can be done with technology in contemporary kitchens. Not only are the appliances smarter, there are more of them and the proliferation of computers and televisions have invaded that space.

Lighting – Advances in lighting have prompted kitchen remodeling. From under-counter lighting to task lighting, newer kitchens take lifestyles and habits into consideration.

The expense of kitchen remodeling can require a mortgage in itself, just due to the newest technologies and electronics that go into updating your space. The options are unlimited. When planning, remember that form follows function. Make your kitchen functional for your needs and work with your builder to tailor the design to your family’s habits. If you love to cook for big groups, make sure you have plenty of oven and cooktop space, as well as countertops. If you want it to be a gathering space, incorporate a large island or open area. These designs will appeal to a broad demographic and be ideal for resale. The details and space will be ideal for you.