Attic Remodel: Turning Your Attic Into Livable Space

Everyone wants more room and attics are a prime opportunity for expansion, especially in areas that limit lot coverage by zoning regulations. It uses an already existing space, rather than adding an entirely new structure such as a pop-out addition or a second story addition. The space is already enclosed. No foundations have to be poured. Electricity is nearby and unlike basements, moisture is not an issue. In short, attics may be the place to go when you want more space. Let’s talk about the attic remodel.


By transforming storage space, an attic conversion can add livable square footage to your home for a master bedroom, guest bedroom, playroom, media room or office. Of course, not every attic is a candidate for conversion; it is important to consult with a Design-Build firm first, to confirm that your attic can support the added weight and additional code requirements before you start planning your project.

attic remodel in Fairfax, VA

The potential for remodeling depends on the shape of the attic, the type of construction and the age of the home. It also depends on your local building codes. Check with a qualified, experienced general contractor, like Thomas Custom Builders, to get information on the codes, as well as insight on whether or not your vision is possible — emphasizing the words qualified and experienced. An attic is not a place to experiment with inexperience.  It’s a complicated structure and requires building experts before, during and after project completion. Some problem areas might be a weak floor deck, stair placement or lack of head room in the confines of the space. Expert eyes are necessary to thoroughly evaluate the safety of remodeling an attic.

large walk-in closet in attic renovation

An attic renovation can be as extensive as you like. Unlike other areas in your home, there are unique tricks to finishing this space, which provide a lot of creative leeway. You can possibly take advantage of the wooden ceilings and sloped walls, in addition to utilizing whatever natural light the attic gets – like window seats with storage in a dormer, built-in benches on the short (knee) walls, or even a hanging chair suspended from the beam.

From wooden ceilings to creative storage solutions, remodeling an attic into a room can be a fun project as long as you plan properly.

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