The Neighborly Home Addition


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… but your neighbor doesn’t think so. All the sawing and pounding and trucks lining the roadway are annoying and disturbing. Not to mention the frame of the new addition on your home is already blocking his view of the sunset from his porch.

If you’re worried that the construction of your home addition or remodel will annoy your neighbors, pre-plan and take a few simple steps:

  1. Great design is a function of intent. Choose a quality home contractor. Any quality design and build team will respect your peaceful neighborhood and your neighbors. There will be sawing and hammering, but the team will do it at reasonable hours and intervals, and they will follow your direction.
  2. If you value the relationship with your neighbors, give them a heads-up about the construction well before it begins, and clue them in on the timeline.
  3. If your neighbors are also your friends, surely you will have talked about the addition to them already — they’ll be ready for the big event and will be cheering you on, as any good friend would.