Your Outdoor Checklist For Easy Maintenance

If you, like many Americans, are planning to stay in your current home as you grow older, now is the time to make remodeling changes that will make your life easier in the future.  Outdoor remodeling tips address maintenance issues and accessibility issues.  First, you’ll want to get rid of home features that will require maintenance – like painting and roofing.  Install a low-maintenance roof and a complete exterior covering with exterior trims wrapped in metal or vinyl, with vinyl siding.  These will make sure your home is water tight and prevent leaking and water damage.

Look at your walkways and paths leading to your home and be sure they are level, with very little slope and no steps (or at least can be made so in the future as your needs change).  Entry ways from the sidewalk, driveway and garage should also be step-free and threshold-free to prevent falling or tripping and to accommodate wheelchair access.   Make sure you have adequate lighting at all doorways and easy accessibility to lighting as you enter the home.  Even your back yard can be age-friendly.  Consider low-maintenance landscaping instead of grass that will need to be cut weekly.  Raise flower beds to prevent back strain when gardening.