Wow at First Sight

If you gasp at the sight of a beautiful entry way and foyer and want to duplicate that reaction in your own home, an entry way remodel might be just the trick.  Entry way remodeling is especially essential if you’re planning to age in place.  Every ingress/egress to your home should be flat and smooth, with no lip, step or bump.  At least one of them should have a ramp or a chairlift, depending on your style of home.

That doesn’t mean your main entrance hall can’t have a “wow” factor.  As long as it contains practical materials like non-slip flooring, a wide doorway and an unobstructed walk way, you can mold it according to your design taste. Your custom remodeler can help you combine form and function with aesthetically pleasing features.   From high windows and chandeliers to an expanse of smooth, shiny floors behind an attractive, sealed front door, the entry way is the first impression of your home.  Don’t let it say, “Someone old lives here.”  Make it say “Wow!” from the moment your guests walk in the door.