“Wood” You Like a New Floor?

The beauty of a shiny, clean hardwood floor can’t be beat.  As custom remodelers, we often advise clients to select hardwood when they are remodeling kitchens, family rooms or multi-purpose rooms.  But the question is, “How do we choose?”  There are so many options – from domestic woods like pine, maple, cherry, walnut and oak to more exotic types like Brazilian pine, bamboo and eucalyptus.  

First, consider where you’re using hardwoods and why. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and are softer than ceramic tile, making them easier on the feet and legs while standing.  Wood floors can be refinished and many types are very reasonably priced.  Choose from domestic woods and get the best cost/value ratio.  Oak floors are prevalent due to U.S. accessibility – it’s a renewable resource.  Cherry wood floors are more exotic and more expensive, as are reclaimed pine and bamboo.  Anything that is not grown in big supply here in the U.S. is not only going to be harder to get, but it will also be pricier. 

Another attractive wood is northern maple.  Denser than other woods, it grows more slowly and is more difficult to get.  Other unique woods are bamboo and eucalyptus.  Again, be prepared to pay a little more and wait for supplies, but the investment is worth it – as is the investment in all wood floors.