Who Needs A Room For the Turkey Dinner?

The traditional formal dining room is getting ready for its twice-a-year use.  That’s right.  If you’ve got a formal dining room complete with large table that can add a leaf or two, a china closet and a buffet, you know what we mean. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two definite times of the year a formal dining room sees the light of day or the footprint on the carpet.  All that money spent on china and crystal and cherry wood furniture finally gets a little attention.   

In reality, that space could be much better utilized with a little custom remodeling.  Open up the walls and change the flooring to make it an eat-in area that’s part of or adjacent to your kitchen.  Add some cabinets and an island with a high countertop and it becomes a breakfast nook that is used daily.  Pull up a stool for the kids to do their homework – it’s close enough to the kitchen to be part of the dinner-making conversation but quiet enough to concentrate.  Or, create a little office off of your kitchen so that the paper clutter stops taking over your counter space.   

Another home remodeling option is to make the dining room and living room one great room that becomes a play room, a computer room or an entertainment room.  It’s a great spot for the kids because it’s right off the kitchen and mom or dad can easily check on them.  The possibilities are endless.  Your custom remodeler can blend the flooring and the walls so that the new area looks like it flows from your kitchen or your living room.  Call it anything other than a dining room, and you’ve got a whole new space that is functional every day.