Who Is Generation Y and Are They Remodeling?

The answer: Generation Y is the reference assigned to the 87 million people born between 1979 and 1999. And yes, they are remodeling. If you’re a Gen Y consumer, see if you agree. The influence this group will have on the remodeling industry will be significant. We’re seeing the trend toward new kitchens and home additions. According to a study by Masco Cabinetry, this generation has the highest expectation of parents living with them in the future. Multi-generational living is part of the plan, sokitchens and baths will need to reflect that universal design, making features convenient and usable for all generations. We’ll focus on multi-generational living in a future blog, because it’s worth the space.

Meanwhile, this study shows that 44 percent of Generation Y spends time in the kitchen, either entertaining or using a screen – TV or computer. These customers are electronically savvy, so their remodeled rooms need to reflect that. Whether it’s a docking station or attention to window placement vs. screen placement, electronics are built into the plan.

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Y’ers can have a conversation off-line – that means face-to-face, not Face Time. E-mail communication works, too. Most of all, they’re using technology to do their research before meeting with any contractors or vendors. This group has vetted any contractor well before placing the first phone call. Their concerns are the same: value for the money and quality workmanship. We say, with consistently good workmanship, excellent client service and a little tweak in communication styles, we’ll get along just fine.