When Vanity Pays Off

Focus attention on the vanity in your bathroom remodeling project.  Don’t be modest.  This is the highlight of the new room, and today’s trends are both interesting and practical.  First, just like the kitchen cabinets we talked about last week, bathroom cabinets should have some practical storage space.  They can have roll-out drawers for towels, soaps, shampoos, sheets, and more.  It makes these items easy to see and easy to reach.  The drawers can be in a tall standing unit or under the sink. 

The standing unit is becoming more popular as floating vanities become the trend.  Floating vanities are simply the sink itself or the sink in a cabinet with no storage space underneath it.  In fact, the floating vanity is installed to look like it is floating.    

The look of wood cabinetry or furniture is quite dramatic in a remodeled bathroom suite.  These cabinets stretch the full length of the wall, with either a single- or double-bowl sink.  The more cabinetry there is in the bathroom, the more impactful the look.  Also, cabinet detailing is important, whether it’s hardware or simply the grain of the wood.  If it’s not a long cabinet, a minimalist vanity is in order, or one that tucks right under the sink.  Again, the minimalist approach requires some storage space; thus, the tall, standing cabinets next to the sink.  

No matter your selection, let vanity be your guide.  Next week, look for tips on materials for your remodeled bathroom.