When DIY Becomes Why Didn’t I…?

Picture this: it’s the weekend, and you’re geared up to do some home remodeling. If you do it yourself, you’re sure you can save a ton of money. At your local home improvement store, you get lost looking for two-by-fours, wander around looking for someone to help you, then wait in a line that seems to snake half way around the block. When you finally arrive home, you discover you need a right angle saw, and you don’t have one.

Your remodeling project hasn’t even begun and already you’re wondering, “Why didn’t I just hire someone to do this?” Think twice before you dive in to a do-it-yourself project. Your time is a valuable commodity and sometimes it simply pays to have a professional do the job. A professional remodeler will have all the right tools on-site, know how much time it will take, and give you the results you want. You’ll spend time making decisions, not doing the legwork.

A few DIY remodeling projects can actually save money or time and cause minimal anxiety. Painting is a great example. A fresh coat of paint brightens a room, and a new color changes the entire atmosphere. DIY painting can save hundreds of dollars. Another easy DIY project is adding or replacing the hardware on your cabinetry in the kitchen or bath. The choices are plentiful, and the labor is simple. Enhancing or adding lighting is also relatively easy. Even flooring can be done yourself, if you’re willing to invest the time. Flooring industry programs are designed to work directly with homeowners. But, you need a bit more than attitude. You need to have tools, the knowledge to use them and math skills.

When you’re considering doing it yourself, evaluate the time it will take and the complexity of the job. Doing it yourself is usually risky for complicated projects. If all you’re going to get out of the process is a headache, save yourself the cost of aspirin and call your local custom remodeler. Then enjoy extra time and clear head you have to admire the results.