What’s Your Multi-Media Personality?

Home theatre evolved into home entertainment evolved into media rooms evolved into smart homes evolved into multi-media homes evolved into…

The electronics industry is changing so quickly that this evolution has happened faster than we can remember.  With the prevalence of hand-held devices with apps that can bring you everything from news and movies to directions and video chats, new homes and remodeling projects are less likely to have phone lines and more likely to have a wireless network.  That network allows you to have a multi-media home, not just a media room.  But what really works for your media lifestyle?

Although it may be tempting to have computers and televisions and docking stations throughout the house, it’s a plus to have at least one or two designated spaces for electronic entertainment.  Why?  It brings people together.  A family room or recreational room with media accessibility is an ideal solution for families with children of all ages.  It gives them the ability to be together to watch a movie in a home theatre environment, or to do independent tasks or gaming on personal wireless devices.  

Open that room up to be a great room that includes the kitchen, and parents have even more options to interact with the family while cooking or entertaining.  Think of your family’s media usage style as you plan your home addition.  Wired systems need to be done before the walls are closed up by the custom builder.  All of the hardware components can be neatly displayed in built-in shelving to showcase your techno-savvy lifestyle, or they can be hidden in rich, custom-made cabinetry.  Plan windows and lighting control along with the room layout ahead of time.  

No matter how quickly the evolution of electronics and multi-media moves forward, your home should reflect your multi-media personality and lend itself to the way you enjoy entertainment.