What’s With the Brick House?

Brings to mind a great party song…but we digress – that’s for somebody else’ blog.

Recently, we’ve been noticing a lot of searches for ‘brick house’ and ‘brick homes’ while reviewing our website data.  This got us thinking –what’s with the brick?  Perhaps homeowners in Northern Virginia are looking to go with brick exteriors – makes sense, right?  Most people like brick – it’s low maintenance, attractive, durable, and won’t burn.  Great stuff.  Why don’t we see more brick?  There’s a good reason – it’s more expensive than most other exterior finishes.  For comparison:  standard vinyl siding is ~$5/square foot.  ‘Hardie’ cement siding and premium vinyls are ~$8-$10/square foot.  Brick is ~$15-$25/square foot.  This must be why we don’t see more brick – or you only see it on one side with 3 sides finished in something else.

P.S.  Let us know if YOU ever do a ‘brick house’ search – we’re curious!