What’s in Your Idea Book?

Do you have an idea book for your home? It’s a great way to keep track of all the designs, materials and, well, ideas you like. Even if you’re not in the market for a renovation right now, when you are, it would be great to remember where you saw that unique new flooring material or that perfect kitchen design. If you are planning a renovation of any sort in the near future, creating an idea book can be a helpful blueprint from the start.

A valuable resource for both you and your custom builder, the idea book will help you to communicate exactly what you want. Together, you’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons of your selections. The pictures and descriptions you provide will give the builder a clear guide for an accurate estimate. He’ll be able to tell from your collection whether your project will require economical materials or higher-end items. It will give him a sense of your taste and preferences so that he can give you suggestions that make sense. By physically putting together a “wish list” of items, you’ll also be able to narrow down your choices and determine those things that are “must haves” and those that are “nice to have.”

How do you start an idea book? It can be as simple as a folder full of magazine and newspaper clippings, or it can be an electronic-based organizer that contains pictures from various on-line sources. Pinterest and Houzz are two of the best resources, but simply “googling” your key words will result in several pages of information. Share your book with your builder as early as possible. It’s likely he’ll add to it, and you’ll have a healthy book of great ideas from which to choose.