What is “Value Engineering” Worth?

What’s the value in “Value Engineering?”  Well, if you’ve ever done any type of home remodeling or home building, you’ll see the value right away.  Not every custom remodeler looks at the ratio of function to cost.  Often, they will simply come out and look at the job, ask a few questions, provide an estimate for materials and labor, and wait for you to say you’re ready to start.

At Thomas Custom Builders, we do the legwork and information gathering, but we add so much more before we even think about providing an estimate.  We talk about your budget, your wish list and your absolute requirements.  There is always more than one way to get a job done, and our Value Engineering process generates alternatives that make the job a win-win for both of us.

In the Thomas Custom Builders system, we meet with you, listen to you, and give you honest feedback and ideas for the best possible home remodel within your budget.  We work with you to select the best choice to maximize your money.  Why would we do this?  A custom home remodel is a big investment.  We know that providing value on that investment will keep you coming back.  It will keep you telling other people about your experience with us.  You’ll feel good about having invested with us.  Ultimately, you’ll feel great every time you enter your new kitchen, bath or first floor bedroom suite that we created as a team.  That’s worth every minute and every cent of “Value Engineering.