Welcome to TCB Tips

It’s exciting when you realize your fantasies about remodeling or renovating your home may soon become a reality. You did it – you got yourself to a point of decision, whether by making time between work and kids (and family and commitments) to meet with potential contractors; or perhaps you’re looking at your house with an artful eye for the first time (or maybe you’re just tired of looking at your house the way it is) and you want to make it yours.

No longer will you bask in jealousy of your neighbor’s new kitchen, or lust for that new sunroom to read the morning paper in. You’re ready to break ground and make your home like the favorite coat in your closet – every time you put it on, it makes you feel good.

Though this is a time of elation and change, this can be quite a daunting undertaking if you haven’t done your homework. We’ve been there, we know what it takes, and we’re willing to spill some of our secrets. Whether you live in our market of Northern Virginia, or Alaska; here you can travel through the back room with a trusted contractor. Welcome to TCB Tips – an insider’s view!

Before you commit to a relationship with any old contractor, there are some things to be aware of… Stay tuned for the first entry from the Thomas Custom Builders experts.