Warm Up For Winter

Winter remodeling efforts can bring warmth to your home, making it more energy-efficient or simply cozier.  Consider a family room remodel that adds a wood or gas fireplace or wood stove.  Not only does the design of a fireplace area add ambiance to a room, it also gives you the option for another heat source.  The hearth area can be anything from marble to brick, and the family room addition will truly serve as a family gathering space.

Opening up the family room to include more windows or glass doors is also a good way to harness the warmth and light of the sun.  Your custom remodeler can help you determine the best walls to turn into windows.  Skylights are another way to let light and solar heat into a room.  They can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms or family rooms.  Consider professional installation by a home remodeler to prevent leaking.