Walking the Walk – Flooring Choices

Choosing flooring is no easy task.  There are so many varieties, each with its advantages of beauty or comfort.  In bathroom remodeling projects, concrete tiles, slate and pebble stone tile are increasing in popularity.  Often a combination of flooring materials works best.  For example, a textured tile in the main bathroom area will provide a raised surface that both prevents slipping and is easy to clean.  Combine that with a pebble stone tile in the shower, and you create a diverse look that is still functional.  Slate or faux slate is also a good choice for bathroom floors, because it can have variegated coloring and be slip-resistant.   

In determining what might be a suitable flooring for your kitchen remodel, consider choices that are impervious to stains and spills.  Porcelain tiles are becoming trendy just due to this factor.  Slate look porcelain can also hold up under extreme wear and tear, and the same material can be extended into a mud room or laundry room with great success.  Since you’ll be standing most of the time in your kitchen, consider flooring with a little “give,” that won’t be hard on your legs and feet.  Hardwood is a good choice here.  Again, the choices are many.  Stay tuned for insights on them in an upcoming blog.