Universal Design At Home in Maclean, (MCLEAN) VA

We’re excited to show off our latest project in Fairfax County, VA.  This is one of the only counties in the nation where you can add on an entire home to an existing home.  It’s called an “accessory dwelling unit.”  That’s right.  Instead of designing a family room addition or building a first floor master suite so your living space is all on one floor, go for the gold and add a home for a member of your extended family.

Ideal for the aging population and their nearby children, it’s more than an in-law suite.  It’s complete home with its own kitchen, bath and living area, based on size restrictions and other zoning rules.  These full-house additions are becoming more popular and the state of Virginia is leading the way.  This is a good option for keeping extended families together, but allowing independence for everyone.  This particular addition was within the same family and it featured a two-story, 1,137-square-foot addition with two full bathrooms and two bedrooms.

The entire first floor offers the universal design concept – from good lighting to accessible bathrooms with a curb-less shower, grab bars and a shower seat.   All of it is done with aesthetics in mind.  It looks sleek and contemporary for today’s comfortable living – an all-tile shower has alcoves designed within that serve as seats, and grab bars that blend right into the design.  This “home within a home” can be enjoyed by the current owner and his extended family, and it will be a great value for resale if the homeowner decides to move.  See for yourself how universal design works for remodeling needs in Fairfax County, VA.