Turn The Inside Out

A great way to enjoy the outdoors at home is to create an outside living area. You can extend a sun room or family room addition into an outdoor living space and create a respite from the everyday world right in your own back yard. More and more homeowners are jumping on this trend, according to a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects. The survey showed that 92 percent of the architects are doing outdoor kitchen and living spaces. The most popular features include lighting, seating/dining areas, fire pits, built-in grille and cooking areas and installed seating spaces. A significant amount of respondents – 42 percent — are also designing outdoor theaters for movies, video and television viewing.

If you’re thinking of remodeling to include a sun room or family room or want a kitchen that extends to the outdoors, now is a great time to plan for it. You can still get something done for use this summer season, but you’ll need to act quickly and decisively. Builders will be getting booked up quickly as the northern Virginia weather finally starts to break. Outdoor work depends heavily on the weather, so you’ll want to take advantage of every dry day. In addition, the quicker you build it, the more days you have to enjoy it. Even if you don’t think you have the space or privacy for an outdoor “room,” talk to a knowledgeable builder. The ideas for creating outdoor living areas from both nature and building materials are limitless. They can make you the “outdoor type” right outside your back door.