A True Bathroom Makeover


Bathroom remodeling projects will really be winners if they include the latest updated fixtures and amenities. Don’t just remodel to change the look. Update the overall function of your bathroom and incorporate universal design and safety features. It will enable you to stay in your home longer as you age, or if you plan to sell the home, it will be appealing to all generations, including older buyers.

In addition to the non-slip tile, granite counters and countertop sinks, consider removing that soaking tub that you never use! It’s simply taking up space and not giving you any return. A stand-up glass shower would be a much better use of space and treasure. Because you already have the plumbing for the tub, you can easily utilize that area for the shower. If your current shower is on the same wall, you’ll have a choice of where your fixtures go in the new shower. Or, you can have two sets of fixtures in a long, large shower. You can customize the shower any way you want, but some great amenities are:

  • Shower seat – for both convenience and safety
  • Rainfall/waterfall shower head or heads – these can be operated by a single controller and provide anywhere from a trickle of water to a flume.
  • Niche – an area recessed into the tile walls and be tall enough to handle shampoo bottles and other shower gels and soaps.
  • Built-in towel bars – convenient for drying after the shower
  • Low or curb-less entry – a safety feature that eliminates the tripping hazard of the shower “lip” to enter and exit
  • Non-slip floor tile – safety feature to help prevent falls
  • All-glass shower – this allows you to show off your decorative tile in the shower and makes a stunning bathroom, plus the clear glass doors are easy to clean.

If your shower will not be replacing the soaking tub area, you might want to consider built-in shelves for storage or a linen or storage closet. Whatever your vision, the area will become more useful and you’ll have a bathroom makeover to show for it!