Trendy, Practical Room Additions

Last week we talked about practical remodeling options. As you find more and more ways to organize your home, you can probably come up with just as many ideas for useful rooms. The fitness room, tool room, craft room or mud room are all great choices. They serve specific purposes and help to ease the space issue for all those things that never seem to find a home. Rooms like a study lounge or computer room give the young people in your house their own cool space. A sports landing zone in the mud room also assigns a space for sports equipment and lets the kids enjoy their own area.

Just by adding a room to your home, you can bring a sense of organization and completeness. A simple room addition is practical and adds value. It serves as a bonus room, and it’s easy to modify if your interest changes in a few years, or someone buys your home and is a sports buff instead of a craft buff. After a few months of this new room, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.