Top 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

5. It’s winter in Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax, VA, and you need a project. This is a great time to do an indoor project like a kitchen remodel. Many people shy away from remodeling near the holidays, but contractors and painters still need to support their families. See if anyone is offering a discount to fill a slow period. Or, if you are taking a winter vacation, have the work done and then and voila! You arrive home to a brand new kitchen!

4. Your counter space still consists of three square feet of bright orange 1970’s plastic laminate. It’s time for an update. Not only will it increase the value of your home if you ever sell it, but it will also give you a new look — worth the price, if your kitchen has given its all. Be humane and put it out of yourmisery!

3. You can’t open the refrigerator and the oven at the same time. You have space issues. Consider letting a remodeling contractor redesign the space to add features and accessories that stretch the space. Often, opening up a wall is surprisingly economical, and the effect can be a huge “bang for the buck” move.

2. You had a party and everyone ran to the living room.You’re missing the boat on hospitality. We all live in the kitchen and family room. We gather at the table and islands, we cook dinner while helping with homework, and we watch the toddler while we wash lettuce. If your kitchen doesn’t welcome this multi-tasking or entertaining guests, maybe it’s time to get a home addition.

Number 1: When you say “island” you mean that far-off summer vacation. A kitchen island or peninsula can greatly change a space, directing traffic flow and adding storage cabinets. It draws people into the area, and also adds extra counter space. You can even get a food prep sink to share the load.

Let us know your top reasons for kitchen remodeling by calling Thomas Custom Builders for information on home additions and remodeling.