Timing Is Everything

If you’re wishing you’d built that outdoor patio or sun room addition this summer, don’t let another season pass without planning for it.    

Remodeling efforts take time. Most people don’t act on their ideas immediately, so what seems like a great idea in the summer may not get under way until late fall or winter. From researching your design options and available contractors to planning the job, six months to a year is not unusual.  It may even become the norm as the building industry begins its upswing.  Get on the schedule with the reputable builders now for fall and winter remodeling projects.  That includes summertime features like sun rooms, outdoor kitchens and remodeled bathrooms.  If you’re going to be on vacation and want work to be done while you’re away, communicate that to your builder.  

Have a goal in mind and share it with your custom builder to set expectations. If your builder can’t meet your timeline or expectations, he will (or should) say so and you can adjust accordingly. Most of all, give yourself the time to make important decisions and give the custom builder the time to execute them properly.  In the long run, you’ll have a high-quality remodeling job that works in any season.