The Stair Master – All On One Level

To truly be ready to stay in your current home as you age, you’ll need to become a stair master.  That means creating a space that does not require you to use stairs on a daily basis.  How will you do that?  Simple.  Remodel your first floor to include a master suite and full bathroom.  Whether the master suite adjoins the family room or the kitchen makes no difference.  If the navigation between rooms is easy and you have everything you need for cooking, cleaning, laundry, bathing and living on the main level, then you’ve successfully created an age in place home.

Compare the costs of remodeling the first level of your home to moving to an assisted living facility or a retirement community.  Not only would there be the new costs associated with a new home, but there’s also the expense of moving, packing and redecorating.  The ideal age in place home will make up for these costs and, in fact, should save you money.  A home that is ready for its owners to age in place will increase in value, as well as allow you to you maintain your independent lifestyle in your own home.  If you like where you live, then it makes sense to age in place.

Turn those upstairs bedrooms into sewing rooms and guest rooms.  Add square footage to your first level by bumping out for a master suite and full bathroom with all the amenities – from double sinks to walk-in showers.  Consult with your custom remodeling contractor for ideas that are practical and functional.  Become a stair master.  That means don’t navigate the stairs.