The Sound of a Sound Structure

Is it a knock?  Is it a ping?  Is it hollow?  Is it solid?  What’s the sound of the structure of your home addition?  Structure is very important.  The finished product can look beautiful but be built on a weak structure.  A sound home addition goes beyond the scope of a handyman.  You need a custom builder who works with a team of tradesmen, especially a carpenter.  That carpenter will see the job through from structure to finish, and he will work with all the trades – from excavators to masons and concrete contractors, water proofers to site engineers.  He’ll make sure the foundation for your home addition is dug correctly, the structure is framed properly and that every component of the structure is done to the highest standards.  A sound structure will automatically be “green.”   It will be a tight, well-insulated home using quality building materials.  Often, the cost difference is negligible, and a sound structure will use better material.  So listen to your structure – make sure your custom builder or remodeler is making it sound.