The Room Above the Garage

If you’re looking for some extra space for an in-law suite or office area, ask your custom builder for advice! One of the places to consider is the space above your garage. Whether your garage is attached or detached, there’s probably some unused space above it, or space that’s currently an attic. Most garage foundations and walls can support a room above the garage, but they will require the temporary removal of the garage door, and perhaps the roof so the builder can construct a floor that holds people, not just attic loads. The access to the top floor of the garage would also need to be considered — inside or outside access, type of stairs and doorways, and walkway areas.

Contact a quality home additions builder serving Fairfax, Alexandria, or Arlington who can visit your home and provide a professional consultation. The custom builder should be able to assess the area and provide a good recommendation. If a room can be added, you should get a written design plan. If it can’t, get the reasons why not.