The Remodeling Highlights Reel – The Punch List

Your home addition is finally finished – on schedule, within budget, and it looks beautiful.  Except for that loose board over there, and that missed corner of paint.  Oh, and the funny noise when the water runs.  And the bubble in the dry wall.  On it goes.  You don’t really find any of the meaningful punch list items until you live with your remodel for a while.  When you clean it, you see a few corrections.  When you have visitors, you see a few more.

We recommend you “punch as you go.”  Don’t wait for the final product to be complete.  If you discuss any questionable or concerning items when you first notice them, you give the general contractor a chance to keep his eye on that particular part.  He can make a correction a minor event, instead of leaving it until the end and making it a major redo.  Plus, correcting it early can save time and money.  By communicating with your general contractor or his designated person, you can get proper feedback and reasons for what you see.  Many times, items you think should be complete already, are simply not because they are waiting for a certain phase of completion.

It’s best to punch with your general contractor, because he is on site and can address questions or concerns in a timely manner.  He was also part of the design phase, so he knows exactly what you want, and he knows exactly what his team can give you.  He makes the two become one, so that you can show off your remodeled home or custom home addition with the confidence it deserves.