The Power of Women

Women have long since come out of the kitchen and into various roles in the workforce and outside the home.  But when it comes to their homes, women influence 85 percent of consumer purchases and 91 percent of new home purchases, according to a recent Builder Online real estate article on and  Realtors say women look for a home with a good place to socialize, as well as a home that they can connect to emotionally.  Some of their preferences are functional, like easy clean-up of ceramic tile and hardwood floors, or the placement of the laundry room.  

Not surprising, women are coming back into the kitchen in their homes – back to make it the heart of the home, where the cook can be part of the action.  Whether it’s kids doing homework or friends watching a sporting event, women hosting gatherings want be able to participate in conversations, see what’s going on, and still be able to get the food on the table.  They see the kitchen as a social gathering place and they are remodeling their kitchens toward that end.  Kitchen remodeling can mean adding an island where family and friends can congregate to have snacks and drinks and trade stories.  It can mean blowing out a wall to make one giant room between the kitchen and family room or turning the dining room into more kitchen space.  

No matter what type of kitchen remodeling project you undertake, you can be sure it will be important in the sale of the home.  When the female buyer visits, she’ll be influenced by the workability and sociability of the kitchen.  Then she’ll influence the rest of the family with her opinion.