The Fine Print – Know Your Home Remodeling Contract

Before you sign a contract for your remodeling project, make sure it uses understandable terms and language and covers…

  • the who, what and when – that means the contractor’s name, address, telephone number and license number
  • concise scope of work, including a blueprint, floor plan or sketch
  • the credentials and insurance information of the contractor and his subcontractors – they should all be licensed and insured
  • length of the job, with start and finish dates clearly communicated
  • price and payment terms
  • description of how to make changes and how the builder will communicate changes to you
  • material or quote specifications as necessary
  • information on permits and other approvals and who will be responsible for these
  • Lien releases
  • Conflict resolution solutions
  • Information on how the contractor and his workers will behave and care for your home, such as care of the area, phone use, bathroom use, access to the home.

If you’re not satisfied with the contract, discuss it with your home remodeler.  Don’t move forward until you understand the contract and feel comfortable that all your expectations are covered and in line with the contractor’s.