The Beauty of Quartz

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops, second only to granite. If you’re doing a kitchen remodel and looking for a durable countertop material, consider giving quartz a chance. Among its advantages are its stain-resistant qualities and its low-maintenance requirements. Its hardness makes it extremely durable, so it can take the rigors of kitchen work. Other characteristics include repelling pathogens, resulting in a cleaner environment, and few seams or cracks in the countertop – it is made as a single slab of quartz.

Newer quartz offerings are showing more in the way of “personality.” Instead of just solid colors, there are more choices and variations in the material itself. The designs are almost as interesting as natural stone. These designs may increase the cost of quartz to be a little costlier compared to granite, but it’s worth it. Make your decision on countertops based on how you and your family will use them. Talk to your custom remodeler, and always make sure you have a professional install your countertops, no matter what you choose.