That Sinking Feeling

A bathroom remodel can be a big job.  It can also be very expensive.  If you commit to do it, commit to do it right.  Get the look and the atmosphere you want by choosing your fixtures carefully, with both form and function in mind.  

If you’re remodeling a master bathroom, seriously consider a double sink.  Not only will it make sharing the bathroom more streamlined and neat for both people, it will also increase the resale value of your home.  Depending on your bathroom layout, the sinks can be one continuous counter, or they can be two separate entities.  Choose your style based on your lifestyle and needs.  If you need room on the counter around the sink or under it for grooming accessories, then an integrated sink is a good option.  

Integrated sinks can be part of the counter, made of the same material such as marble, granite or porcelain, or made of a contrasting material.  Under-counter mounted sinks, which are especially attractive in stainless steel, might also be made of a contrasting material.  Free-standing sinks are becoming more popular in bathroom remodels, but can be tricky for master bathroom sinks.  While a pedestal or console sink might be an attractive solution for a powder room or half bath, it may not be the best for a master bath because of its lack of counter space.  Master bathroom free-standing sink solutions include vessel sinks mounted on top of a roomy counter, or a sink that has integrated shelves.  These shelves are made of the same material as the sink, and are tiered above it for convenient storage of soap, shaving supplies and other bath necessities.    

Regardless of your choice, avoid that sinking feeling by investigating your options and talking to your custom remodeler.