Telling a Single Story

This is the story of the single story. One level – not one tale spun to entrance you. A single story home becomes more important as we age. Homes that are all on one floor make it easier to navigate as we find our bodies getting less agile and our balance failing. Stairs can be hazardous – both from the perspective of falling and the possible difficulties they present in movement.

Homes with a master bedroom and bath on the main floor, along with a laundry, are big sellers in communities that are attractive to older residents. But what if you don’t want to move or downsize – you simply want your home to be a single story? Remodel!

It can be done. While your home would still have the second floor above the main or basement under the main, you can repurpose the rooms and create a functional home addition that puts your living space all on one level. Start with the main level. Evaluate the rooms on that level. If you have a formal living room or dining room that you don’t use, this space can be turned into a master suite and bathroom. It may take some plumbing rearrangements, but the two rooms combined can often offer a generous amount of space. Or, perhaps those two rooms become part of an expanded kitchen and eating area and a bump-out addition becomes the master suite and bath. There are many alternatives – speak to your professional remodeler about your needs and your ideas.

Don’t forget the laundry room on the main floor. Again, this may take a little repurposing and plumbing pipe movement, but a creative floor plan can offer a small laundry area in an existing mud room or off the foyer. If you have the space to build out, then take advantage. Upstairs bedrooms become guest rooms and basement areas become guest quarters. You can relax in your single-story home and leave it up to the guests to climb the stairs. That’s the single story.