TCB’s Best of…2016


We’ve just come off a banner year and have had the privilege of working on several major remodeling projects throughout northern Virginia. We had kitchen remodeling jobs, bathroom renovations and whole-house additions from Manassas to Fairfax. The challenges were many, but the solutions were innovative and the final products gorgeous, resulting in satisfied customers. We are looking forward to more of the same in 2017. Here are a few notables that made 2016 a memorable year:

  • A home addition in McClean, VA, presented challenges with zoning and permits, as well as space on the property. The lot on one side of the customer’s home was very tight, and the other side had a pool on it. TCB’s architect created a floor plan and layout for the addition that complemented the existing home and took into consideration the boundaries on both sides. The addition was custom from the start because the TCB design-build team offered innovative ideas and had an architect who stayed with the project to facilitate quick decision-making if necessary.
  • Kitchen remodeling was a popular renovation this past year, and two of our favorites were existing spaces that we enlarged. In North Arlington, we expanded the floor space and increased sections of the kitchen, then used white cabinets to further create the open, airy feeling. In Vienna, we opened the kitchen up to the rest of the house by making structural changes to the home that included removing and relocating walls. Because TCB is a general contractor, these modifications were routine, yet they resulted in a custom-designed kitchen that exceeded the owner’s expectations.
  • A great use of space and existing structures was a home addition that included a garage with a master suite above it. The challenge was to tie the addition to a split-level home, with the garage on grade and the two levels of the home able to be entered with a short run of steps. TCB’s extremely technical solution succeeded in providing both a custom-built garage and master suite that blended the new with the old and maintained the integrity of the home.