Taming the Kitchen Clutter

When you start your kitchen remodel, you’re probably hoping to have more space – more counter space, cabinet space, or storage space.  You’re determined you’ll organize your clutter and clean it more.  Select your new kitchen cabinets to reflect great storage solutions.  

Lazy Susan – They don’t call it lazy for nothing.  This cabinet is usually in the corner and spins around on an axis, giving you access to lots of shelving and an easy reach for all the items on it.

Glide out drawers – Open a double-door cabinet and welcome two or three glide-out drawers.  These shallow drawers or trays are great for pots and frying pans as well as lids and glass dishes.  They can all be seen easily and are within easy reach as the drawer pulls out.

Drop-down pot and pan organizer – Shelves that roll or drop down from inside the cabinet allow easy storage of pots, pans and lids.

Cabinet dividers – These are easy to install in existing cabinets, but are especially handy when they are built-in.  Cookie sheets, cooling racks, muffin tins and more can be stored sideways within the dividers and they stay neat and within reach.

Dual Garbage and recycling cabinet – a slide-out cabinet with a space for both a trash barrel and a recycling barrel not only offers more space under other cabinets, it also makes recycling much easier.

Don’t make taming clutter a luxury.  Make it a requirement from the start of your kitchen remodel.