Survey Says… Get Motivated and Remodel!

Remodeling is on the minds of homeowners, according to a recent Houzz survey that showed 53 percent of U.S. homeowners plan to remodel in the next two years.  Attributing this spike to an improving economy, the survey showed that most of the people who plan to remodel feel it’s a better deal financially to stay in their homes long-term.  Thus, their motivation for remodeling is to improve the look and feel of their space.  More than half of those surveyed wanted to make the space more functional, increase their home’s value and upgrade features and appliances.  These are all great motivators.  Also, upgrading an older home is another remodeling motivator, along with increasing kitchen efficiency.
Wisely, the majority of those who will remodel in the next two years say they will hire a professional to do the job.  Whether it’s a full remodeling project that requires a general contractor or changing the flooring in a given room, hiring a professional is usually prudent.  It increases the chances that the job will get done and get done right.  Homeowners in the survey also identified finding products and defining their styles as their biggest remodeling challenges.  If you hire a general contractor, he can refer you to a product designer or specialist.  By learning more about your lifestyle and how you’ll use the products, the designer can help determine what is right for you and can limit your choices so the options are less confusing.
A professional can also give advice on styles and flow, and unify the new space with the existing space.  Professionals make the job seamless.  You should never be able to differentiate the “new part” of the home from the existing part by a significant change in structure or style.  Finally, spending your time and treasure to hire a professional remodeler to renovate your home gives you the chance to relax and enjoy it.