Supersize it!

Fast food isn’t the only place to supersize your order. “Big” is in for kitchen islands and dining areas. The more we entertain at home, the more our lifestyles call for bigger areas to accommodate both our immediate families and extended family and friends.

The kitchen has, without a doubt, become an integral part of the gathering space. Gone are the days of mother bringing the steaming meat from the kitchen into the formal dining room and no one ever seeing the oven door open. Today’s kitchens are fully displayed as the central part of the social scene. Whether you want to be able to see everything from your kitchen or you want your kitchen to be the center piece of your living area, you can super-size the space. One way is to add on to your home to make the space bigger. A more practical solution may be to supersize the kitchen by combining it with the dining room. Don’t be afraid to open walls and create a larger space for movement and preparation. What you lose in dining room space you gain in well-utilized space. Commit to that open feeling. One large room can be visually divided by using counters, islands, lighting and trim work.

A long counter or large island can divide areas or centralize them. A super-sized kitchen island affords a place around which to gather, cook, serve food and socialize. For everyday living, it’s a place for catching up together after a hectic day, homework help and preparation for the next day. For entertaining, a large, well-placed island gives people an inclusive feeling. Guests can be part of the action and the host or hostess can interact with guests and family while still taking charge of the cooking or meal preparation. Let your custom builder know your goals and how you plan to use the room. The possibilities are endless and the size is just the beginning.