Summer Entertaining at Home

Summer entertaining at home means being outside on the deck or screened-in porch, enjoying grilling on the patio, or even seeking the relief of the air conditioned great room.  If you don’t have the confidence that you can make the most of your home’s space for summer entertaining, this could be incentive for a home addition.

A sun room or porch is a welcome space for entertaining year-round.  It brings the outside indoors during the winter months, but can be an extension of the outdoors during the spring, summer and fall.  Designed with an open feeling using large windows, skylights, glass or sliding doors, the sun room is usually positioned on the side of the home that gets the morning sun.  It will be ideal for brunch entertaining as well as cool evenings with the windows and doors open.  It’s designed to be a bright space with lots of light, which can make entertaining successful even on a dreary day.  With a patio outside the sun room, you can even make this an eating space for any type of weather.