Storage Solutions

No matter how much cabinet or closet space is in a home, it never seems to be enough.  At first, you’re fooled into thinking you have a lot of space when those cabinets are empty.  But you always find something to fill them.  Then, you accumulate more “stuff” and need more space.  

When you undertake a kitchen remodeling project, consider the storage solutions.  First, don’t leave room for any dead space.  That means installing new, more efficient cabinetry.  You can come up with every excuse not to get new cabinets – you like your old ones, they’re in good shape, it’s expensive to replace all the cabinets, we can just reface them…and so on.  However, those old cabinets are simply inefficient.  Newer cabinetry features pull-out drawers, no posts between the doors, and 48-inch high enclosures for extra shelf space.  These features make the kitchen so much more useful.  More expensive, you say?  In the overall remodeling project, that few thousand dollars is really miniscule.  Remember, design and execution trump expensive materials.  You don’t have to get the most expensive cherry cabinets on the market to get the benefit of the new storage solutions.  But you will get more “bang for your buck” with new cabinetry vs. keeping your old.  

Pantries are also important storage solutions in a kitchen remodeling project.  If you need to add a few feet to the room or bump out a wall to get the pantry, do it!  You’ll never regret it, and the return on investment – both in your satisfaction and future sale of the home – will be worth it.  Be sure the design and placement are done right, even if you have to rearrange the kitchen to get it.  Your custom remodeler will be able to offer solutions based on your personal needs.