Stop Waiting For the Sky to Fall!

The time to remodel is now.  Why?  Interest rates are at an all-time low.  Home values are climbing in the Alexandria, Arlington and Manassas areas.  You’re tired of waiting for the sky to fall…so don’t!  A recent article in US News and World Report refers to a National Association of Remodelers’ survey that says the industry is looking up…and the sky isn’t falling on anyone’s head.  In fact, the article quotes experts as expecting double-digit remodeling growth by first quarter of 2013. 

People are starting to move on pent-up demand.  The types of remodeling they choose to do might be a bit different, due to the long wait and the still uncertain economy.  Instead of the high-end kitchen overhaul, they may do more practical remodeling like replacing roofing and siding or go with a middle-of-the-road bathroom remodel.   We have noticed all of the same trends over the last few months.  Seize the moment, because now is the time for custom remodeling — even the smallest bit.