Spring Outdoor Renovations

It’s true that once the weather turns warmer, outdoor renovations begin to increase. You may even associate the spring thaw with projects outside. Renovations like garages, decks, pools, siding and windows are all great tasks to tackle in the Spring. General contractors and remodelers are not limited to outside work in the summer only.

However, because remodeling activity does increase in the Spring, you need to make decisions now for late-Spring remodels. Unless you’ve already secured a contractor, you may not be able to see the results of your project until Fall. Most good contractors began booking Spring jobs in January. The time it takes to prepare a project and get the right people on it, can be daunting. Get prepared now, by researching the permits required and the zoning regulations, as well as any custom materials you want to use.

If you’re adding a deck onto your home, be sure it’s at least four inches below the entry door to the house. This will prevent water damage from heavy rain or melting snow. The entrance area should be properly flashed, insuring that water will flow down and away from your primary structure. Flashing is a thin sheet of material such as metal, copper, rubber or vinyl, that creates a barrier between the house and the deck ledger board.

Finally, new siding and windows are really done any time of year, especially if you’re adding a layer of insulation. This is great foresight for the winter months and good way to conserve energy year-round.